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good quality chocolate: hand-crafted artisan truffles and fine chocolate bars from around the world

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"Chocolate decorations. Chocolate wraps" artisan chocolate class. advanced level.

NEW CLASS  Fall 2017 season

November 4th, 2017

Saturday @3:00-4:20 PM

admission for ONE

price $45.00/person

Done! The great class!


December 7th, 2017

Thursday @6:00-7:20 PM


admission for ONE

price $45.00/person



For each student - one Chocolate Transfer Pattern FREE!

Classes are meant to be fun and entertaining.

You don’t need any professional knowledge or training.

You'll make Bon-Bons and "Chocolate Wrap!


"Chocolate Decorations. Chocolate Wrap." class information

Fall 2017 schedule for chocolate decoration class

Pricing information and cancellation policy


During a session, we will cover advanced techniques for making chocolate decoration. 

Starting from the talk about tempered chocolate, a "seedeng" method, and cocoa-butter based chocolate patterns, 

we will continue with the demonstration of making Bon-Bons and chocolate wraps, 

which you can use in your home kitchen and surprise your family and guests. 

In the final, “hand-on” section of a class you’ll practice in making 

a cocolate wrap and 2 Bon-Bons truffles.


Each class takes approximately 70-80 minutes. It will be taught by chocolate instuctors, who are true fine chocolate enthusiasts. Cocoa Bean Shoppe holds the right to change any theme or instructor, or to cancel any class at their discretion.

 please call: 585.381.1620


store hours: Tue-Fri 10 -6 p.m. and Sat. 10-3 p.m.

Sunday and Monday CLOSED