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good quality chocolate: hand-crafted artisan truffles and fine chocolate bars from around the world

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"Discover Chocolate! Introduction to chocolate tasting" chocolate tasting class at basic level

June 24th, 2017                    Saturday @3:30-4:30 PM              Tasting. 06.24.2017.


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Our chocolate tasting class"Discover Chocolate!" is a 60-minutes event

that focuses on the experience of tasting the variety of chocolates,

taking into the close attention facts and information about where cocoa trees grow and

how chocolate is made from roasted cocoa beans.

Only dark chocolate samples will be offered for tasting.

In a class we will discuss classic and modern chocolate styles and learn

several new names for chocolate makers and chocolatiers.

Putting together all, a tasting experience and information (as we like to do at wine tastings)

helps us enjoy the chocolates which we have already like, and, hopefully,

lead us to discover new chocolates!


Receive 10% OFF on chocolate brands, offered for tasting at the event

Learn, taste and enjoy!

Spring 2017 tasting class schedule

Chocolate tasting class information

Pricing information and cancellation policy

 please call: 585.381.1620


store hours: Tue-Fri 10 -6 p.m. and Sat. 10-3 p.m.

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