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39 South Main Street, Pittsford, NY

good quality chocolate: hand-crafted artisan truffles and fine chocolate bars from around the world

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Wed. February 14th, 2018

Valentine's Day is coming!

Cocoa Bean Shoppe offers special events and gifts to celebrate V-Day:

- heart-shaped hand crafted truffles;

- custom orders for a box of chocolate covered strawberries;

- Holiday DIY event - "chocolate covered STRAWBERRIES" 

- a V-day Chocolate and Nuts gift box, and more.

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Upcoming Chocolate Class

Thursday, January 18th, 2018 @ 6PM

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chocolate products and services

Chocolate Gift Boxes and Bags

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- 30% OFF on a Black Box (Large);
- pay in a store or by phone;

- the assortment of hand crafted chocolate" Bon-Bons" truffles, chocolate bars, fruit and nuts chocolate barks, and drinking chocolate;

- 7 chocolate items per a box;

- pick up in a store; shipping is available, 

flat shipping cost will be added at checkout;

- sales taxes will be added at checkout;

Chocolate School

at Cocoa Bean Shoppe

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- truffle making classes "Truffles 101. Introduction to truffle making". Spring 2018 schedule

- chocolate tasting class "Discover Chocolate! Introduction to chocolate tasting." 

Spring 2018 schedule for tasting classes

- chocolate molding class  

"Homemade Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Cups". Basic level.

-private class "Truffle making class"

Chocolate Gift Certificates

If you can't decide on the perfect gift, 

let your  friends choose with

the Cocoa Bean Shoppe Gift Certificate.

- buy gift certificates online;

Cocoa Bean Shoppe Gift Certificates $30.00 and +

are available online:

Chocolate class Gift certificate;

$30.00 Gift Certificate;

$40.00 Gift Certificate; 

and $50.00 Gift Certificate. 

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Cocoa Bean Shoppe Gift Certificates value

under $30.00 are available

in store and by phone;