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good quality chocolate: hand-crafted artisan truffles and fine chocolate bars from around the world

Truffle making classes. Chocolate School at Cocoa Bean Shoppe.

The world of chocolate and chocolate truffles extends far beyond cooking books and truffle boxes, 

produced by large-scale chocolate factories. Truffle making classes are a field guide to the variety of chocolate truffles.

Cocoa Bean Shoppe offers the range of truffle making classes. “Truffles 101. Introduction to truffle making.” is designed

for beginners. An advanced level class, “Bon-Bons. Decadent chocolate treats.”, will be interested for students who want to learn about tempering chocolate and molding chocolate sweets.

Classes are meant to be fun and entertaining.

You don’t need any professional knowledge or training.

Make truffles and taste! 

Spring 2018 schedule for truffle making classes

Fall 2017 truffle making class schedule

Pricing information and cancellation policy

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During a session, we cover basic techniques for making chocolate truffles. Starting from the overview of the chocolate making process, we continue with the demonstration of simple and elegant truffle making process, which is “easy-to-do” in your home kitchen and “easy-to-surprise” your friends and guests. In the final, “hand-on” section of a class, students practice in making the French chocolate truffle balls.

Some chocolate classes are scheduled to celebrate Holidays.

Private truffle making classes are favorite events in our store. Call or e-mail us to book a date.

Each class takes approximately 90-minutes. It will be taught by chocolate instuctors, 

who are true artisan chocolate enthusiasts. 

Cocoa Bean Shoppe holds the right to change any theme or instructor, 

or to cancel any class at their discretion.

 please call: 585.381.1620


store hours: Tue-Fri 10 -6 p.m. and Sat. 10-3 p.m.

Sunday and Monday CLOSED